Welcome to Health Complaints Assist

This is a free and secure chatbot which will help you make a complaint about medical treatment you or someone you know received in Victoria. You can make a complaint about health services, mental health services and aged care, a particular doctor or nurse or dentist, or about a doctor’s surgery or hospital or nursing home.

The chatbot will ask you some simple questions and then put together a complaint for you. You can send the complaint directly to the healthcare provider or to the government agency responsible for investigating complaints.

These complaints can be an important tool for helping you to get what you need – including an apology, an explanation or compensation – and for improving our health system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who built Health Complaints Assist?

Health Complaints Assist was built by Polaris Lawyers, a law firm in Melbourne who specialises in medical negligence and personal injury law.

Health Complaints Assist is powered by Josef, a company that designs legal technology to help people.

Why was Health Complaints Assist built?

We built Health Complaints Assist because we believe that it’s a service that people need. In Victoria, there are thousands of people who have been affected by medical treatment who do not know about their legal rights and entitlements.

We hope that Health Complaints Assist will empower people to understand their rights, helping them to get the outcomes they need and improving our health system.

Will my information stay private?

Using the chatbot is 100% confidential. The information you supply will be securely stored. It will never be sold, and will never be shared with any third party unless you explicitly give permission. For the full privacy policy, click here.

Does Health Complaints Assist give legal advice?

No. Health Complaints Assist helps you to build and format a complaint that you then send. For legal advice regarding a potential claim, you should speak directly to a lawyer. And for a full list of terms and conditions, click here.